A Question Answer System for Python

PythonQAS is part of a Master Thesis in Software Engineering in the field of Language Engineering. The masters program is taught by the Informatics Department at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. The main goal was to create a Question and Answer System that could automatically answer to questions presented in a natural language about the Python programming language.

The initial ideia was for the Question and Answer System to answer basic questions about the Python language. A basic system could thus help in the process of learning and/or teaching Python. Nonetheless the system should be robust enough to grow according to to the administrator needs and information resources. By increasing the information resources, the system could enlarge the range of users in order to include expert programmers.

The web application was developed using the Django framework. Meaning that most of its core code is Python, which is a beautiful and interesting way of showing the capabilities of the language.

If you want to know more about Python and Django please take a look at the following resources: