A Question Answer System for Python

Marcos André Oliveira Ramos
Marcos André Ramos got a degree in Informatics Engineering at the University of Minho and, at the present, he is a M.Sc. student in Informatics Engineering at the same university. Marcos has studied Formal Methods of Software Engineering and Languages Processing, with a special focus in Natural Language Processing.
Maria João Tinoco Varanda Pereira
Maria João Tinoco Varanda Pereira has a PhD from University of Minho and a Master on Software Engineering from the same university. She is Adjunct Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and member of Processing Language Group at Minho University. The research work, in the past years and in the future, is deeply related with the formal specification of languages, automatic construction of compilers and other language-based tools, conception and implementation of textual and visual domain specific languages, visualization and animation of programs and program comprehension.
Pedro Rangel Henriques
Rangel Henriques got a degree in "Electrotechnical/Electronics Engineering", at FEUP (Porto University), and finished a Ph.D. thesis in "Formal Languages and Attribute Grammars" at University of Minho. In 1981 he joined the Computer Science Department of University of Minho, where he is a teacher/researcher. Since 1995 he is the coordinator of the "Language Processing group" at CCTC (Computer Science and Technologies Center). He teaches many different courses in the broader area of programming: Programming Languages and Paradigms; Compilers, Grammar Engineering and Software Analysis and Transformation; etc. Pedro Rangel Henriques has supervised 11 Ph.D. thesis, more than 30 M.Sc. thesis, and many graduating trainingships/projects, in the areas of: language processing (textual and visual), and structured document processing; code analysis, program visualization/animation and program comprehension; knowledge discovery from databases, data-mining, and data-cleaning.